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Monthly Subscriptions Available

  • Heat n' Eat Club 7

    Every week
    We shop, prep and cook. You just heat and eat!
    • Chef's Choice of 7 Heat n' Eat Meals.
    • Perfect for Lunch or Dinner.
  • Heat n' Eat Club 14

    Every week
    • Chef's Choice of 14 Individual Meals
  • Heat n' Eat 7/Del

    Every week
    Weekly Subscription with Delivery
    • Your choice of 7 individual meals from our weekly menu.
    • Delivery of $5 per order included in the subscription price.
  • Heat n' Eat 14/Del

    Every week
    • 14 Individual Meals
    • New Menu Each Week
    • Delivery - $5 per order per week included.
  • Take n' Bake Club

    Every month
    Weekly our chef picks from our most popular prepared meals
    Valid for 12 months
    • Weekly Take and Bake
    • Feeds 4-6 as an entree or served as a side item
    • Pick up at Nosh Tuesday - Friday from 11am to 5pm
    • All active members get free Nosh Nights Event Tickets
  • Steep it UP! Tea Club

    Every month
    2 Tea Sachets with 2 Flavors of the Month Teas
    • Assortment of 2 unique gourmet teas.
    • 3 to 5 servings per sachet
    • Steeping instructions.
    • By being a member of the Steep it UP! Tea Club you receive
    • a complimentary pot of tea twice a month at Nosh when you
    • purchase of meal!
  • Concierge Services Premium

    Every month
    Errand Running, Grocery Shopping , Petsitting etc
    • Give yourself the GIFT OF TIME
    • Subscription includes 4 hours per month (normally $30 /hour)
    • Time can be rolled over
    • If you have something you need done Just ask and we will see
    • if we can accomodate your request
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