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Kim McDade-Torres made the bold decision to branch out on her own after years in the corporate side of the restaurant industry. With the experience, confidence, and drive she hung up the hat in the restaurant management business and took on the customer-driven catering world. Catering Creations opened its doors in 2009 after finding the space for her first catering kitchen. This venture would require not only her tireless attention, but also the help of her most loyal friend, Jacob Moore. Having met in the 1980’s, this duo have worked together seamlessly to create customized menu’s suited for events of all sizes and themes. Catering Creations has always held stead-fast to the principle of “people first, food second.”



To Kim, establishing personal connections with each and every client was of the utmost importance. When you pair that with great-tasting customized food, it is easy to see how Catering Creations quickly gained the support and respect of her clients. In 2015, another great opportunity landed Kim’s attention. Just ten minutes from Norman, a space with a restaurant became available for lease. It was an instantaneous decision, “This is it, here we go, we’re opening restaurant.” Nosh was opened in 2015 with the backing of Catering Creations, a passionate owner, and the perfect environment, ambiance, and capacity. Kim’s vision for the restaurant was to center everything on sharing great food and fellowship with the people of Moore. It was a simple solution to name the restaurant Nosh which means “to eat enthusiastically.” Kim still believes the top priorities of her restaurant are to take care of the customers, take care of the staff, and give consumers something to remember. As a local business, she understands the importance of taking care of each and every person.