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$3328 Value. 52 weeks of 7  Heat & Eat meals each week. Includes delivery within the Oklahoma City Metro Area. (some stipulations may apply).  *See the "How it works" section below. 


For Subscriptions, please call, email or text your options to us for now. Our website is not yet capable of giving you choices to choose from the menu. (We are working on it!) 


Please include the Menu Week #, your name and phone number with all communications. You can list the item number and how many you want on your message instead of the meal name. (Example:  #1 - 2, which tells us you want 2 of menu item 1)


Text to 405-467-1391

Email to

Call 405--814-9699


Here is how it works: 

We post a new Heat n Eat menu each week with 14 different/new meal options usually on Thursdays, but if we are really busy it may be on Fridays.


We send an email, post on FaceBook and update our website with the new 14 meal option menu on Thursdays or if we are really busy we will post on Fridays.  We prep on Sunday and Monday and will call as soon as your order is ready starting on the following Tuesday and Wednesday. 


Excluding Sales Tax
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